What is ready mix?

Ready mix is one of the most diversified, enduring and efficient building material and the most consumed. Ready mix is used in all buildings and roads and is essential to whatever is being built. Ready mix has no definite form; hence, the final ready mix is assumed to take any form or feeling/touch making its utilization areas indefinite.


  • Readymix concrete for normal application for villas and other buildings
  • Readymix concrete for special and high durability requirements
  • Ready mix concrete with self consolidating nature
  • Colored and fibre reinforced concrete
  • High strength concrete for bridges and high rise structures
  • Sulphate resistant concrete
  • Ready mix concrete with water resistance for water retaining structures
  • Rapid setting concrete
  • High durability concrete using special cementicious material like ggbfs and microsilica
  • Corrosion inhibiting concrete for increased durability of structure
  • Screed and mortar concrete


  • Oil and Gas- KIPIC, KNPC, KOC, KGOC
  • Roads and Bridges- MPW,PART
  • Housing- PAHW, Citizen Villas
  • Electricity and water- Ministry of Electricity and Water
  • Hospitals & Clinics – Ministry of Health ,Private Hospitals
  • Schools and University – Ministry of Education , Private Schools and Colleges
  • Commercial Complex – Malls ,Residential Towers, Hotels
  • Tourism Facilities -Ministry of tourism
  • Defense facilities – Kuwait Ministry of Defense, US Air Force, US Army

Ready Mix Ingredient

Cement Ordinary Portland cement ( OPC ) and Sulfate resisting cement ( SRC )Aggregate clean sand, sifted and fit for ready mix Admixtures Cold water which is an important element in the making and consolidating of the mix.