Company Brief

Kuwait Cement Ready Mix Company (K.C.R.M) was incepted in August 2010 with a paid up capital of KD 10,000,000 (Ten Million Kuwaiti Dinars). The company is completely owned by Kuwait Cement Company.

The Company began its operations on January 10, 2011 producing the ready mix through its plant at Al Sulaibiya, Al Sulaibiya Industrial Area, block 1, plot 3. The company built its second plant at Al Sulaibiya and equipped it with up-to-date equipment and hi-technology. It is one of the most developed plants in the State of Kuwait.

To cope with the increasing demand, the Company began building independent plants annexed to major projects to facilitate their operation.

The company's objectives include upgrading the ready mix quality and providing high quality and distinctive service to fulfill customers' needs. The Company seeks to cooperate with other ready mix companies from Kuwait Cement Company clients and to bolster good relations with them. Thus, the ready mix market is geared towards marketing competition stable principles and attaining leadership.

Kuwait Cement Company (Mother Company)

Kuwait Cement Company The establishment and development industry in the state of Kuwait is associated with Kuwait Cement Company. This is due to the fact that Kuwait Cement Company is the only integrated industrial company in the country that manufactures cement. The company is a Kuwaiti Shareholding Company established in accordance with Amiri Decree on 05th November 1968, with a capital of 2.5 million Kuwaiti Dinars, which has gradually increased to 63.76 million Kuwaiti Dinars, which is fully paid – up. The government holds directly and indirectly shares reaching 29.4% of the company's capital, the rest of the shares are through investment companies, government institutions and citizens. The company set up its plant for producing cement in East Shuaiba Industrial Area which commenced production on 15th May 1972 with a production capacity of 300,000 MT of cement. The company has progressively developed through the years to increase the productivity of the plant to achieve its ambitious goal of keeping up with the construction boom and development projects strategies in the country, to ensure the continuity of supplying the local market requirements for cement at all times. The company increased the productivity of the plant started in 1978 with several expansions by adding new mills through many stages the last was in the end of 2009 when the company finished a new mill , to reach the licensed design production capacity of the plant 3.8 million tons annually of cement , whereas the operating capacity has reached more than 5 million tons of cement annually , to become Kuwait Cement Company as one of the most important pillars in the edifice of national industry and the mainstay of development projects and construction in the country .